About Us

Deep Expertise, Laser-Focused on Platforms

Kubernetes End-to-End Expertise

In the past couple of years, we saw too many companies struggle to stay on top of the complexity of their production Kubernetes deployments. Integrations, vendor service contract gaps, upgrade snags, and migration headaches all take their toll on in-house teams and platform operations.

We started 360 Cloud Platforms with a singular purpose - to manage the growing complexity in Kubernetes environments for our customers so they can focus on driving value in their core business. Designing, optimizing, and maintaining robust Kubernetes-based developer platforms is all we do.

Driving Innovation, Simplifying Complexity

At 360 Cloud Platforms our mission is to simplify Kubernetes complexity, open-source technologies, and the vast CNCF landscape. Kubernetes has a steep learning curve; the open-source ecosystem is daunting. No matter where you are starting from, our expertise bridges the gaps (or, smooths out the chaos) for all platform teams.

Our goal is to help you put Kubernetes on auto-pilot so your teams can focus on driving your core business value. Our specialized expertise and deep industry experience help you unleash your platform’s full potential.

Global Reach, Personalized Service

Our team of Kubernetes enterprise support professionals is composed of highly skilled individuals from across the globe. Our global footprint ensures that customers receive continuous 24/7 Kubernetes support, regardless of location. From platform assessments and roadmap sessions to fully managed service contracts, think of us as the trusted DevOps team down the hall.

To learn more about our Kubernetes services, reach out and we'll reply right away, usually the same day, but always by the next business day.