Kubernetes Operations

Streamline your Kubernetes Operations

Smoothing Out Service Gaps & Complexity

Kubernetes operations is more than just running containerized apps; the magic lies in successfully managing all the nuances in your production environment. Our team of CNCF and cloud provider-certified experts bring years of hands-on experience and cutting edge know-how to help you smooth out service gaps and streamline complexity.

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Powerful Kubernetes Operations

Expert-level advice on the CNCF landscape

360 Cloud Platform CNCF-certified experts help you simplify the complex landscape of CNCF and navigate between open-source and proprietary software choices to find the best solution based on your goals.

Technology selection

Choosing the right technology stack is crucial to your Kubernetes adoption journey. We assist in evaluating and comparing different technologies, engaging with vendors if necessary, and making the right choices based on your unique needs and the maturity state of your current platform.

Service Mesh

Our team at 360 Cloud Platforms can help you select, implement and configure a service mesh solution like Istio, Linkerd, or Consul. We help you efficiently utilize service meshes to manage traffic, implement robust security policies, and facilitate observability.


Security planning starts at the beginning. From the start, we apply best practices in Kubernetes security to protect your workloads. From secret management to network policies, we implement measures to safeguard your environment.


Because security is a continuous concern - not an afterthought - we create secure-by-design infrastructure up front, to minimize vulnerabilities. Our approach includes automating security checks in the deployment process, reinforcing code reviews with security analysis, and ensuring an efficient response to security threats. This proactive, integrated approach minimizes the risk of breaches while maintaining system integrity. The result? Balanced speed, flexibility and risk management that safeguards your operations without hindering innovation and growth.

Storage Solutions

Managing your data efficiently within Kubernetes means using appropriate storage solutions. From persistent volumes to stateful applications, we ensure your data management is optimal and accessible.

Meticulous Kubernetes  Implementation

Kubernetes Networking

Whether it's service discovery, load balancing, or pod-to-pod communication, you need reliable, efficient networking architecture. Our enterprise Kubernetes teams have expertise with all the leading networking solutions, such as Calico, Cilium, and Flannel. We help you choose and implement the right one to suit your needs.

Platform Engineering

Platform engineering services are critical to establish a robust and scalable foundation for your Kubernetes applications. We provide custom solutions, focusing on reliability, efficiency, and ease of management.

Secret Management

Securing your sensitive data with Kubernetes' built-in secret management is a top priority. We implement best practices for secret management, to protect and manage your critical data.

Platform Migrations

Migrating platforms can be daunting. Whether you're transitioning from Docker or Docker Swarm to Kubernetes, moving your infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud, or vice versa, our seasoned team is here to make the process seamless. With our expertise, we ensure efficient migrations that minimize downtime and smooth out any bumps along the way.


Automated pipelines allow safe and quick updates. We streamline your development and deployment processes by setting up efficient CI/CD pipelines within your Kubernetes implementation environment.

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  • Observability. Our team will help you set up comprehensive observability strategies to gain deep insights into your system's performance so you can troubleshoot any potential issues swiftly.
  • Architectural maturity. Your Kubernetes architecture needs to be robust and scalable to meet your growing needs. Our 360 view perspective helps you mature your K8s architectures, ensuring they are production-ready and built to scale.
  • Empowering your teams. We believe in empowering our customers. In addition to helping you address your tactical backlog, we take pride in mentoring and upskilling your team members. Together, we'll not only streamline your operations but also foster a culture of continuous learning and growth within your organization.
  • Compliance. Compliance with regulatory standards is mission-critical. Our team helps minimize legal risk by ensuring your Kubernetes operations remain compliant with relevant regulations and best practices.


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